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National Campaign Reminds Seniors, “The Best Things in Life are FREE!” Including an Eye Exam and a Book of Eye-healthy Dessert Recipes

February 1, 2011— This February, EyeCare America is reminding seniors in Georgia that sometimes, “The Best Things in Life are Free!” and that you can’t put a price tag on love, friendship, or the importance of eyesight. This Valentine’s Day campaign encourages those age 65 and older to visit the EyeCare America website to see if they qualify for a free exam.

This year-round program provides eye exams at no out-of-pocket cost to people age 65 and older and offers free educational materials. The eye exams are provided by a corps of nearly 7,000 volunteer ophthalmologists across the U.S., and here in Georgia, we are home to 134 volunteer ophthalmologists. Those interested in the program can visit to see if they are eligible. The organization’s online referral center also enables friends and family members to find out instantly if their loved ones are eligible to be matched with an EyeCare America volunteer ophthalmologist.

“Blindness and vision impairment have enormous personal, social, and economic costs, limiting the activities of otherwise healthy and active people,” said Dr. Scott Lampert, a retinal and vitreous specialist with Georgia Retina. “By increasing awareness of eye disease, its risk factors, and connecting more people with the exams and care they need, EyeCare America works to reduce preventable blindness in the U.S., thereby allowing our seniors to live more fulfilling and active lives.”

Since 1985, more than 13,335 people have been helped in Georgia through EyeCare America, a public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

As part of this national campaign, celebrity chefs from around the country have contributed delicious eye-healthy desserts for two that are perfect accompaniment to any romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. All recipes are made with foods filled with eye healthy vitamins and antioxidants, both of which have been proven to help preserve eyesight. Recipes can be found online at Visitors are encouraged to download the recipe cards and share them with a loved one. The complete set of eye-healthy dessert recipe cards makes a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. And, they’re FREE!

EyeCare America is designed for people who:
– Are U.S. citizens or legal residents
– Are age 65 and older
– Have not seen an ophthalmologist in three or more years
– Do not receive eye care through an HMO or the VA

To see immediately if you, a loved one, or a friend, 65 and older, is eligible to receive a referral for an eye exam and care, visit

EyeCare America is co-sponsored by the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc., with additional support provided by Alcon. The program is endorsed by state and subspecialty ophthalmological societies.

Established in 1985, EyeCare America, the public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is committed to the preservation of sight, accomplishing its mission through public service and education. EyeCare America provides eye care services to medically underserved seniors and those at increased risk for eye disease through its corps of nearly 7,000 volunteer ophthalmologists dedicated to serving their communities. More than 90 percent of the care made available is provided at no out-of-pocket cost to the patients. Since its inception, EyeCare America has helped more than 1.5 million people. EyeCare America is a non-profit program whose success is made possible through charitable contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. More information can be found at:

At Georgia Retina, our patients’ vision needs are our priority. As the largest retina-only medical practice in the Southeastern United States, Georgia Retina specializes in treating diseases of the retina, macula, and vitreous. Our nine board-certified ophthalmologists have received special Fellowship training in vitreo-retinal diseases and surgery, and are engaged in clinical trials with the goal of advancing research into retinal diseases, their causes, and their cures.

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