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The Amsler Grid is an easy way for you to test your vision on a regular basis at home. It’s important to check your vision with an Amsler Grid every day. You can download a printable Amsler grid here.

This is a reading test. If you wear reading glasses, you must use them for this test or use the lower segment of your bifocals.

Post the Amsler Grid on a wall, at eye level, or in a room with good light. The kitchen and bathroom are often good places for lighting. If you prefer, you can just hold the card while looking at it. Either way, make sure the grid is at a good distance for you to see it clearly.

  • Cover one eye at a time, and test separately. If your eye doctor has told you only one eye needs to be checked, it is still important to cover the other eye.
  • There is a small black dot in the center of the grid. While looking at the center, you should be able see all the lines in the grid and all the lines make perfectly straight squares.
  • If while looking at the center of the grid, you notice that any of the lines are missing, bent, bowed, or distorted in any way, you should call the office for an appointment to come in as soon as possible.
  • The dark grids below are examples of abnormal grids.

It is very important to act quickly if you see any changes on the Amsler Grid. If you already have some distortion on the grid, follow the steps above each day to be sure your vision remains constant and that new areas on the grid are not distorted.

Amsler Grid

Amsler chart

Example of Abnormal Amsler Grids

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